When it Comes to Diagnosis, Simpler is Often Better

Many, many, MANY times when I am seeing a new client who has seen other clinicians I find they have a stack of diagnoses.  This seems especially true with children.  My favorite are the mutually exclusive diagnoses, such as the child who has a diagnosis of Oppositional Defiant Disorder and Conduct Disorder.  These two diagnoses… Continue reading When it Comes to Diagnosis, Simpler is Often Better

Build a Solid Team

Mental health can be very complicated, though you probably already knew that.  Part of the issue with this complication is how many different professionals you may need to bring on board.  At the least you are talking about a Primary Care Physician and a counselor or psychologist.  But, you could also be looking at a… Continue reading Build a Solid Team

Don’t Get Wowed by Credentials

Credentials are a great thing.  You much prefer your doctor to have MD after his name than DVM after all.  You want your counselor or psychologist to have training, and you want to make sure it was enough training to demonstrate some level of competence.  Supposedly, certificates and licensures should demonstrate that.  Unfortunately, the more… Continue reading Don’t Get Wowed by Credentials

Is it really a disorder?

Our culture today is obsessed with labeling things.  We want to call a restless child ADHD.  If you are moody you are Bipolar.  If your child argues they are ODD.   These diagnoses are very real, but a tendency to over diagnose has lead to parents being justifiably skeptical about whether these things even exist.… Continue reading Is it really a disorder?

Questions to Ask Your Counselor

When you need help with a mental health issue a counselor, psychologist, clinical social worker or a marriage and family therapist are probably where you will go for help.  (If you wonder about the differences between those, check out the sample of my eBook where I get into that.  )  But what do you do… Continue reading Questions to Ask Your Counselor