Has your child just received a diagnosis?  Are you confused by the mental health world, jargon, and types of services?  Do you feel dis-satisfied with your child’s current treatment?  We can help!

Therapy can cost $150 or more per session, but how can you tell without dropping more than $1,000 before realize the person you hired is not for you?

E-Consulting is a way to find out more about your particular mental health options.  Via Skype we will discuss your situation, your location and your needs.  Using our knowledge of mental health field we will advise you on next steps you can take to secure the services you need.  We can even do some research for services available in your area.

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E-Consulting is not counseling or therapeutic services.  It is an advisory consultation to assist you in securing appropriate services.




Kansas City Area

We provide workshops on Mental Health Topics for groups who are outside of the mental health area but need the information.  Previous workshops have included topics of Trauma, Co-Dependency, Effective Fathers and Genograms to audiences such as  day care staff, home educators, parent educators, church groups, support groups.  These along with many more groups and topics are available.  Contact us for more information to see how we can assist you and your group.

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Kansas City Area

People face many challenges in life.  Most of the time, with their own resilience, and the support of their family and community, they have the strength to persevere and overcome.  We celebrate those victories with you!

Other times, though, we need more help.  Counseling can help overcome hurt, depression, anger and worry that debilitates us.  Counseling can also help with a relationship that is breaking.  We would like to be the experience guide to help you through this journey, and celebrate with you as your overcome adversity.  If you are in the Kansas City area and you think you could benefit from counseling, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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Counseling provide through Epic Counseling Group in Independence


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