Childhood Depression

It used to be thought that childhood depression just did not happen.  For years and years we thought only adolescents and adults got depressed.  Boy were we wrong.  Fortunately, this has changed, though it took some rethinking of the disorder.  The reason it took so long for the mental health community to recognize this disorder… Continue reading Childhood Depression

The Power of Playing

Play therapy is the therapy of choice for young children. Frankly, there are not a lot of other options for young children when it comes to therapeutic interventions.  Play therapy is a professional discipline, with techniques and methodologies that have been studied and improved with careful work.  However, do not forget that play itself is… Continue reading The Power of Playing

Friday Parenting Commentary: It’s Okay to Tell Kids No

The first time I heard it I was with my wife and daughter at the pediatrician.  After giving us some basic medical advice, you know she can have x amount of infant’s tylenol, y amount of infants advil, etc, she began telling us about developmental and parenting.  Most of it was decent, if somewhat shallow.… Continue reading Friday Parenting Commentary: It’s Okay to Tell Kids No

Why is My Child So Angry?

This is a question I get a lot, especially of young children.  Anger, in of itself, is not necessarily a bad thing.  Certain things should make you angry.  However, constant or frequent anger flare ups, or severe anger outbursts that lead to destruction or harm are significant problems.  With a teen, your child should be… Continue reading Why is My Child So Angry?

Keep Your Issues Your Issues

The counselor who supervised me during my internship and provisional years had a model he liked to use when talking to parents about kids:  Kids can do good if their parent’s relationship is good, a relationship can do good if the individuals are doing good.  I like this, as it models a fundamental issue: your… Continue reading Keep Your Issues Your Issues

Friday Parenting Thoughts: Teach Morality

In my primary work with children and adolescents in a residential placement I see a lot of the effects poor parenting can have.  I see hurt from abuse and neglect, I see rage over drugs and alcohol, I see lying and manipulation because it worked so well at home.  There’s a wide variety of behaviors that… Continue reading Friday Parenting Thoughts: Teach Morality