Learn About the Services Available to You

In the work I do, I frequently meet parents who are fighting through understanding what is going on with their kids.  Still others are trying to find someone who will be a good fit.  These I understand as parents.  What baffles me is the parents who know the diagnosis, but have not put even basic… Continue reading Learn About the Services Available to You

Welcome to Holland

My wife recently had an article shared with her by a friend.  This article makes the point so much more eloquently than I was trying to make on Wednesday, so I thought I would share it.  This article was originally published in the November 1994 edition of “Brand News”, a newsletter of The Cerebral Palsy Association… Continue reading Welcome to Holland

A Diagnosis is Not the End of the World

I have written previously about how a diagnosis can actually be a relief.  People in that situation finally have an answer as to why there are problems, and can begin addressing it.  However, not everyone views a diagnosis with a relief.  Many dread it, hoping that some other factor is causing problems for their child.… Continue reading A Diagnosis is Not the End of the World

Childhood Depression

It used to be thought that childhood depression just did not happen.  For years and years we thought only adolescents and adults got depressed.  Boy were we wrong.  Fortunately, this has changed, though it took some rethinking of the disorder.  The reason it took so long for the mental health community to recognize this disorder… Continue reading Childhood Depression

The Power of Playing

Play therapy is the therapy of choice for young children. Frankly, there are not a lot of other options for young children when it comes to therapeutic interventions.  Play therapy is a professional discipline, with techniques and methodologies that have been studied and improved with careful work.  However, do not forget that play itself is… Continue reading The Power of Playing